How to start a conversation with a stranger

If you want to make your stranger your friend, you are unique, in this article we are discussing how to start a conversation with a stranger. Nowadays great conversation is a necessity for any organization and they are aware about this not only case of organization, in every aspect of life it’s became important, you should definitely conscious about how to improve conversation skills.

To have a great conversation you should not remain silent after meeting a stranger, it should be effective only if you start the conversation first. This is very difficult for those who have no idea how to communicate with strangers in every area of ​​life. Even some people are so hesitant to talk to someone on social media that they don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger about the text. In this article, we are trying to help you make friends easily, hope you can start conversation with a stranger online or offline easily.

The best way to start the conversation is “HELLO”.

How to make friends and influence others is a leadership quality to implement in yourself, everybody can’t.To make friends it sounds so good to start the conversation with “HELLO”. It’s globally accepted words to make friends around the world. you have to be determined to put yourself to start a conversation. Determination will help you to make friends and influence others, it takes time to make friends, not money.

It is not a thing that everyone wants to do. It takes some huge guts to talk to someone.

Transfer your desires into your choice.

Remember it’s not as easy as pie, everybody can’t.

If you want to talk to the stranger don’t keep it inside yourself speak up, start the conversation keep hope in yourself. Don’t think always that it will be a worse situation just throw that thing out from your brain. Be confident and just do it.

Keep patience when you get rejected

keep conversation going. If you did n’t get a response or they rejected you, don’t think that you failed the problem is not in you, but I think that stranger was not in the mood it is about that where they are mental. So don’t take it personally. If they missed the apportion to connect you. Then they missed out something great, and you should stay away from those friends who make you feel bad about yourself.

You should not mind what strangers think.

Don’t mind what your strangers think for him/her you are also a stranger anyway. Be confident talk nicely with them; don’t use the abusive words because your first impression is your last impression. You should be humble and start the conversation. You should give them time so they can read themself and connect with you.

If you get feared, do it anyway.

If you are having an awkward situation don’t get feared. At first, it happens just go with the flow the situation will automatically turn into good. So don’t be fear if you want to talk with the stranger to do it at any cost. Don’t worry, you will be able to make friends and influence. Just believe in yourself.


Don’t worry if you feel ward or aggressive at first. If your intention is good. You will come across the situation more and more time in my first conversation. I felt feared and awkward, but they didn’t harm me. It made me learn that in which think I have to work on. In anything you need to practice this is also a skill if you practice well things will be much easier.

Make them laugh.

“Laughter is the best medicine” is the most beautiful technique that will give the greatest number of people. If you make them laugh . They will enjoyed it too and they will become frank and they won’t mind talking with you. So get out from your head and don’t mind things too seriously .Just have fun.

Try to find something in which they highly interested.

This is the most difficult task but not impossible. If you find out that in which thing your stranger have interest , then you will be success and can grab the strangers attention. Each and every people in the world will love to talk with you. If you start to talk in their interested thing then you can with over them and your stranger can become your friend.

You must go there first.

If you really want to talk with the stranger who is sitting beside you then you should start the conversation first. This is how it work. You have to ignore your instincts to move away from personal matters. Don’t be scared to do this be confident and try to talk first.

Just start, they will speak too

If you start the conversation first they will definitely give reply you and this is a positive move. If you talk on meaningful topics they will some love it and will also share their things to you be frank and try to maintain it, you should say ex “How was your day so far” say some positive words to them .So they can connect with you well and if you do like this then your stranger can be your friend.

Imagine that the other person is already your friend.

A good conversation will make conversation more fun. This is one of the best ways to make a stranger a friend. If you imagine that your stranger is already your friend the things will be much easier for you. Talk with the stranger like you talk with your friends make them laugh have a good impression on them, be nice to them don’t talk tension if you speak well they will speak up too.


keep practicing, It takes time, you’ll able to make conversation flow easily, lead the conversation, people will engage with your conversation.